Thursday, June 23, 2011

By the backdoor....

Doesn't everyone have a pile like this by their back door?  Let's see..Mr. Company's Ecco Sandals, his Nikes, June Bug's Crocs, Big Brother's Chucks (in olive AND white), his Stride Rites, his Nikes..and wait...oh look...there's Mommy's sad, pitiful Target flip-flops...sigh.

Comment and let me know what's beside YOUR backdoor?  Maybe a cute little table to put your keys and purse on?  Or a nice hook to hang the necessities?  Not us...just a pile of shoes!


  1. I don't have backdoor - just a french door in the kitchen that we only use to let the pup out. One side has his food and the other a wrought iron display stand for cookbooks, glasses, etc.

  2. At least they're in one pile--ours are all over the house, along with socks, shirts, you name it. Today I found a t-shirt on the kitchen table--WTH!!

  3. Aquariann - I KNEW there would be someone who had a cute little vignette by their back door...who knew it would be the first comment?

    Janet - LOL - I hear you girl. I found a pancake box in the bathroom this morning! Yikes! (pancake free I'll add)

  4. My living space is in the basement so I have a tiled top end table by the patio door. It has an old photo of my son holding a red flower, a wooden box shaped like a fish, a Japanese box with a trick lock and an aloe plant in a handmade pottery dish. I keep a box of tissues there too! (Found you through Aquariann's blog hop!)

  5. Hi, I just found your blog off the Etsy blog team! Hmmm I don't have anything by my back door because it goes outta the kitchen. Does the trash can count? Haha.


  6. Dondi, of course the trash can counts! I have one of those by my back door too - I just didn't take a picture of it, 'cause, well...that's just gross! :-)

    Rebecca, ugh... another cute vignette by the back door...I'm so jealous. One day, one day....