Friday, June 10, 2011

Easy Party Planning Website -

Our little June Bug is turning ONE this month.  I can hardly believe it.  It seems like just yesterday that our 2 year old was hating my guts for bringing this little critter home.  They're best buds now, well, almost.

When you have two little ones under 3, time is at a premium, so I needed an easy way to get my invitations prepared and sent out.  I discovered Punchbowl last year for my 2 year old's birthday party.  Punchbowl is an awesome party planning website that allows you to create invitations that can be emailed.  You can also track your RSVP's, include a gift registry, plan a potluck and much more.  It also has party theme ideas for many different types of parties.  You can also grab a widget for your blog!  Check out my Reasons to Celebrate widget on the right!  Today is National Iced Tea Day...who knew????  Wonder if it's sweet tea? Mmmmm.  And I digress...

Punchbowl offers a free service as well as upgraded Premium and Platinum services.  I've used the free service and it's been great!

First, click "start planning a party".  You choose how soon your event is, give a little info about your event and Punchbowl selects some great options to get started.  You can choose to send Save the Date's and have your guests choose from a number of dates or you can just send your invitation.  There are many free invitations to choose from.  We chose a beachball theme for our Backyard Beach Birthday Bash!

Then you just edit the text with your custom info and Punchbowl does the rest!  You get to choose your envelope liner, a cute little postage stamp and a rubber stamp on the front of your envelope.  Punchbowl is by far the easiest online party planning website that I have found and I plan on using it again and again and again...

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