Saturday, June 25, 2011

Snack Attack!

 Remember I told you a while back that I'm not much of a's still true.  We've got a Birthday Party at our house today, so I'm going with the Perfect Cupcake.  I also wanted to do a little something extra, so when I went to a Birthday Party last weekend ('tis the season) I was on the lookout for something cute for our little June Bug's Backyard Beach Bash!  Enter these adorable (and yummy) chocolate covered pretzel snaps with M&M's.

It's the easiest thing ever so I thought I'd share with you:


One bag Snyder Butter Snap Pretzels
One bag Wilton Candy Melts in white
One Bag M&M's

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees.  While the oven is heating, lay the pretzels out on a baking sheet. Top each one with a candy wafer.  Pop in the oven for approx. 3 minutes, just long enough to make the candy wafer soft, but not melt through the pretzel. 

Remove from oven and press an M&M into the center of each softened candy wafer.  Move to a cooling rack.  Repeat! 

This one's my favorite - doesn't it look like a little fried egg on toast!?

Store these little babies in an airtight container until your party.  Make them ahead and they'll keep for several days.

So, now my wheels are turning.  Did you know that the Wilton Candy Melts come in different colors?  I'm thinking pink or blue for a baby shower, green for Christmas, pink for Valentine's Day.  And you know M&M's come in seasonal colors as well.  If you want a specific color combo, you can order M&M's in bulk in the colors of your choice.  How about football season?  Team colors anyone?  Here's another...white candy melts with Reece's Pieces for Halloween or Thanksgiving.  The possibilities are endless.  What are YOUR ideas?  Comment and have fun!

Happy Birthday June Bug!



  1. Happy Birthday to your little June Bug!
    These treats look fantastic for your party guests! These will be cute & yummy to make for the guests at my granddaughters' birthday parties (youngest will be 1 in Sept. and her big sister turns 6 in Dec.). Thanks Christine! Oh, you know I'll also be making your domed "Perfect Cupcakes". :-)

  2. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes for our June Bug...almost Party Time! Eeeeeek!!!!!
    Have fun making these treats!