Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sneak Peak

A while back I told you all that I was working on a new handbag line.  Well, I'd like to give you a sneak peak of what I've been working on.  In the coming days and weeks, I'll be transitioning some of my items from my Etsy shop, ChristineAndCompany, over to my new shop...BagtasticDesigns!  I'm very excited about opening a new shop and I think it will make it easier for shoppers to search for exactly what they are looking for.

Christine and Company specializes in handmade children's items such as Baby Booties, Toddler Backpacks and Lunchbags.  I'll be adding some new items in the next few weeks like Car Seat Organizers, Crayon Rolls, and more.  Here's my new banner!

New Banner for Etsy Shop
Baby Booties - The Madeline

Dinosaur Lunch Bag

Toddler Backpacks in Designer Fabrics

BagtasticDesigns will feature handmade purses, handbags, clutches, wristlets and diaper bags in fun, colorful fabrics.  I also have a neutral line that I am very excited about...see my work in progress!

Banner for New Etsy Shop

Pleated Purse with Flower/Button Brooch
Close up of Brooch

I can't wait to finish this handbag and get it listed on Etsy!  I always love making something new.  Keep checking back for more items to added over the next few days and weeks! And watch for the Grand Opening of my new shop, BagtasticDesigns.

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  2. Hi ya,
    I found you via the Finding New Friends Blog Hop, I am a fellow Mommy blogger in the UK! I love your designs, your so creative. I especially love the booties as my baby girl is called Madeline!

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